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Large Black Hogs are one of the rarest heritage breeds. They are known for their fine taste, good mothering ability and hardiness. Originally from England where the climate is often cool and damp, they can handle cold weather but they also do exceptionally well in the hot, humid conditions of the South. We have had them sleeping outside in -2 degree weather with no problem. Just provide them with a big pile of hay to burrow into and they'll be just fine. If it's raining or snowing and cold, make sure you add bedding that's dry. Cold, wet conditions are not good. 
The black pigment in their skin allows them to be out in the sun without getting sunburned. Large Blacks can take the heat, but you must provide shade or a mud hole or both. Pigs can't sweat and covering themselves in cool, muddy water is the only way they have to cool down.  

Large Black Hogs

Our pigs are registered with the Large Black Hog Association. We sell registered piglets for $350. with a $100. deposit. Ocasionally we sell barrows as feeder hogs for $150.-$200. If you're interested in purchasing your own pigs, contact us and we'll let you know what we have available.
Large Blacks really are grazing hogs. If they are on good pasture, they rarely root, though they will "clean out" the woods and dig around if there's mud. These pigs need the outdoors. Foraging and grazing keeps them healthy naturally and provides exceptional lean meat that is firm and tender. This is "slow food" at it's best. It's takes Large Blacks roughly a year to reach butcher weight growing at a natural speed with only a grain supplement. Fattening them quickly in 6 months is bad for the pigs and produces fattier, loose meat.
The docile nature of Large Black Hogs and their wonderful mothering ability go hand in hand. If you're going to be raising piglets, it's important to have breeding stock you feel comfortable working with. Sows have a reputation of being protective and mean but the Large Black breed is just not that way. It's important to keep good traits and cull any pigs that show traits not beneficial to the breed. Large Black Hogs are rare but the breed is making a comeback so we need to be careful to bring it back with all the good qualities they were originally known for.
The bloodlines that we have at our farm are: 
Sows: Charlotte & Daisy 
Boars: Super
We just had our second litter of the year! The piglets are Daisy/Super. Next up will be summer piglets; Charlotte/Super. They are going quickly. Reserve your breeding pair now!
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This piglet is just hours old. His ears are still flipped backwards. Contact us if you would like one of these cute little guys for your own.